Coming up soon.. on Monday, September 8th… The most comprehensive version yet of my slideshow extravaganza of NYC’s drag scene from the late 1980s to the mid ’90s. It’s the chance to see Parts One and Two of The Drag Explosion edited together, along with never-seen-before pix!


Drag Explosion Linda Simpson invite


It’s at The Wild Project, the slick performance space in the East Village. I like it because it reminds me of a television studio. Perfect setting for a multi-media show!


Simpson Soap Opera!

My Mom called to tell me she was aghast that my recent blog post made her sound like “an old crone,” because I wrote that she’s been urging me to visit her in Minnesota.

No, I’ve assured her, I didn’t mean to make it sound that way. I want to see you!

Well, once that settled down, she tells me that she’s coming to NYC in October.  So I’ll be seeing her quite a bit this early fall.

Hoo boy, I need a drink.

Kidding! My Mom and I get along great, and I savor our moments together. And I am truly grateful that she never forced me to take submachine gun lessons.




There’s an article about me in the new issue of the online magazine HEAPS, which showcases New York City culture for a Japanese audience. Yep, the article is all in Japanese! It’s written by HEAPS delightful editor, Sako Hirano, with photos of me by Omi Tanaka (which were shot at my apartment).


Linda Simpson drag queen the drag explosion New York magazine


The focus of this particular issue is NYC’s LGBT community. As Sako explained, Japan’s gay community is not nearly as visible as in the United States, and, consequently, many Japanese are unfamiliar with gay culture. So this issue is sort of an educational tool—and I’m happy to be a part!

Of course, I can’t read the article. But I love the layout, including this Zen-like collage.


Linda Simpson drag queen new york drag explosion  kimono


Thank you, HEAPS!


It’s been a gorgeous summer in New York, with none of the boiling hot weather that’s usually par for the course this time of year.

So how I feel so stressed and unrelaxed?

Over the many years that I’ve lived in New York, I’ve become so neurotic that I have a very hard time slowing down, including taking advantage of summer activities. Go for a walk in Central Park? No time! An outdoor movie? No time! Go to the beach? No time!

Of course, I do have the time. It’s not like I’m accomplishing that much otherwise. I’m well aware that going to somewhere like Central Park is a totally rejuvenating experience. Why do I resist making myself feel better? Imagine how much I could improve my emotional health if I actually took the time to go upstate or to the beach.

Anyway, I just made reservations to go to Minnesota in September. Mostly, it’s because my Mom has been urging me to visit. Plus, there will be plenty of friends to see, and maybe some other relatives. It definitely won’t be a lay-around holiday. But at least the pace is quieter and I’ll get away. Hopefully, I’ll find the time to smell the roses, breath the fresh air, and relax, goddammit.