Pace University’s Stonewall Coalition invited me back to participate in a recent event. This time around I hosted a variety show held in an incredible “Enchanted Forest” installation created by my friend Diego Montoya and his Baby Llama art collective.


Pace University Stonewall Coalition
On my way to Grandma’s house.


Playing with Diego in the forest!


And when I’m not in the woods, I’m walking the streets of the Lower East Side. I didn’t realize I looked like such a hooker!


How much, mister?


Keeping it classy in New York City!



Taking a drag off his Virginia Slim, Bruce peered into the Malibu sunset, his tiger-striped caftan gently blowing in the Pacific Ocean breeze.
Impulsively, he unsnapped the halter strap and the garment fell to the floor, revealing his nude body. At 65, he still had the fit build of an Olympic athlete, and his newly formed breasts were full and luscious.
Slowly he began rubbing his nipples with his well-manicured fingers. Soon he was moaning in delight.
His ecstasy was suddenly shattered by a familiar voice: “Hello, foxy mama.”
Bruce jumped in shock. Behind him stood Kanye! His eyes were lustful and his hand was grabbing the crotch of his tight leather jeans…

On my recent trip to California, I stayed in downtown Los Angeles, which is going through all sorts of gentrification. But you can still find plenty of old-fashion stores featuring some very flashy merchandise. Best window shopping I’ve done in years!


quinceanera dresses in downtown los angeles
Stunning array of quinceanera dresses.


This is not a vintage store! Pimped-out attire for spring on Los Angeles Street.


Gorgeous quinceanera dresses!
Fancy perfume bottles make for a dazzling window display.


For my next visit, I’m bring an extra empty suitcase!


Linda Simpson—that’s me!—has returned from her recent jaunt to California, and is back on the job at Le Bingo! (Thanks to Shelly Watson for subbing for moi)

While I was away, I even picked up some great stuff to give away as prizes. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but let me tell you that they are very glamorous! (I’ll provide pix with upcoming winners.)

In between Bingo shopping on Hollywood Boulevard!

Looking forward to playing with you—in NYC!