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Linda Simpson is the BOMB!

My social media status reaches new heights!

BOMB Magazine (devoted to “artists in conversation”) has posted an online portfolio of some of my most memorable Facebook photos (and my incredibly clever captions). Funny concept—and so meta!


bv - 1


Thanks so much to Online Art Editor David Everitt Howe for his wonderful curating powers!



As Quoted in The New York Times

I’m quoted in an article in today’s New York Times about my longtime nightlife pal Candis Cayne. As you probably know, she’s been in the spotlight lately as Caitlyn Jenner’s new bosom buddy. (And if you believe the tabloids, they’re also involved in a passionate romance!)

I chime in about when Candis and her then inseparable BFF Girlina (now known as Lina) were “the Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell of the gay club scene.”

Here’s a couple of pix I took of them back in the day… getting cozy in a photo booth at the Palladium nightclub. I hope it doesn’t make Caitlyn too jealous!







Lina is now an in-demand DJ, especially on Fire Island. Candis lives in LA and is an actor—and a reality TV star!

Wishing both of them all the best!



Wigstock Wow!

I had a great time this past Sunday at Wigstock’s party-boat revival—even though is was the muggiest night of the summer. Let’s just say that it was a moist event.


"Laugh In" segment with Bunny and Sweetie. (Photo by Patricia Morales)

The show opened with a “Laugh In” segment including me, Bunny and Sweetie and other kooks. (Photo by Patricia Morales)


Balcony view. (Photo by David Sanders)

Balcony view. (Photo by David Sanders)


Later, when it came time for me to perform my stand-up comedy act, I managed to remember all my jokes! I thought it went well… but you be the judge.

Warning: It’s not politically correct!  Like Lady Bunny, I enjoy being provocative to get a laugh (or a groan). Although my routine is much more sophisticated, of course… (Video by Pablo Maine)



Afterwards, I wandered with friends along the Hudson River. I must say the restoration of the shoreline is very beautiful. But too many joggers…!


Damn jogger photo-bombed my glam shot!

Damn jogger photo-bombed my glam shot!


Big thanks to my loyal tech gal, Reina Del Taco, who did a little posing of her own.



Hansel & Gretel & Reina


Bunny is already indicating that there may be more Wigstock renditions soon to come. We’ve already done it on dry land and the ocean. What’s next, a rocket to Uranus? (Your Anus, get it? Ba-da-bump!)

Big thanks to Bun-Bun and her co-producer Scott Lifshutz! Looking forward to more!



Getting My Act Together for Wigstock!

I’m trying my best to come up with some zingers for my stand-up comedy act.

I’d better hurry—Wigstock, which is being revived as a boat cruise, is this Sunday, August 16th!


"A rabbi, a nun, and a drag queen walk into a bar..."

“A rabbi, a nun, and a drag queen walk into a bar…”


See ya there!



My Life Has Changed So Much Since My NY Times Article!

Exciting new opportunities galore!


broom b


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