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Extra, Extra! Linda Simpson Shares Incredible Insights in the Huffington Post!

Wanna hear me yak about gay nightlife on the mega news site The Huffington Post?

I’m the most recent “prominent person” to be included in the ongoing series, “After Dark: NYC Nightlife Today And Days Past.”


Linda Simpson Huffingon Post Drag Queen


I mostly focus on my early days of doing drag. One of these days, I’ll have to share what I’ve done after 1995!

Big thanks to writer James Nichols for including me.



Time for a Make Over

Time to beautify!

Change your life with a new look!


My website has been undergoing a makeover, with a new updated design.

As soon as it’s done this week, I’ll be blogging on a regular schedule.

Thanks to Tim McNerney and John Boyer for all their efforts!



Queens of Comedy

My last couple of weeks have been chock full of drag queen funniness.

Along with the rest of gay America, I watched Bianca Del Rio win top honors on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

I’ve known Bianca for a few years, and she definitely deserves something for all her hard work—that girl is a work horse! With her $100,000, she’d be wise to get some Valium.


Linda Simpson Bianca Del Rio Drag Queens

Before she went on “Drag Race,” I distinctly remember Bianca saying she hated the show!


It”ll be interesting to see how Bianca’s career evolves. Her stage act is about a million times more bombastic and harsh than what we saw on television, a nonstop barrage of racial, ethnic and sexual insults.  But did she undercut her bitchy persona by revealing on Drag Race that she’s actually a softie who cares for her sister queens and even likes children? She’s gonna have to come on extra strong to make up for that sappy behavior!

Speaking of filthy loud mouths… Lady Bunny has returned to Escuelita nightclub with a new show, Clowns Syndrome, which is sort of a sequel to her 2012 show, That Ain’t No Lady. 


The Lady Bunny, a legend in her own mind.

The Lady Bunny, a legend in her own mind.


Once again, the  format is dirty jokes, vulgar song parodies, and Bunny sounding off on various cultural topics. But don’t let that stop you! The show is riotously ridiculous, and that’s just Bunny’s costumes!

Meanwhile, over at the Laurie Beechman Theatre, I caught a couple of acts. The first was BenDeLaCreme, who won fourth place on Drag Race. Honey, I was impressed!



The show is called Terminally Delightful, in which she displays her impeccable stagecraft (Her roots are in the burlesque scene), and provides some very smart insights about the identity crisis that comes with doing drag. The show returns to NYC in August, and I am definitely planning on attending again. Brava!

Lastly, I caught Jackie Beat, in from Los Angeles with See Something, Say Something, another of her bitter laugh fests, with an emphasis on side-splitting song parodies. Afterwards, Jackie and I caught up as she “manned” her merchandise table.



I ended up buying one of Jackie’s pillowcases… so now I can sleep with her. Gross!


After not seeing any sort of drag performances in a while, I must say that the volley of DQ shenanigans really perked up my spirits.

Oh no, am I becoming a softie, too…?!



Listen to Me As I Yakkity-Yak with Funny Gal Julie Klausner

Check it out! I’m the featured guest on the new episode of How Was Your Week?, the popular podcast from comedian-actress Julie Klausner.

Listen to it HERE.




I’ve known Julie for a while, but this is the first time we’ve really had an extended conversation, and I gotta give her credit for being a great and insightful interviewer. Our conversation was mostly about my life and times as a drag queen—you know, the ancient history stuff that I won’t shut up about!

The actual taping occurred a couple of weeks ago, and since then Julie has been a busy bee. She filmed a pilot for a new TV show called Difficult People,  produced by Amy Poehler and co-starring Julie and Billy Eichner!

I hope she becomes a huge star so I can say, “Honey, I’ve know Julie forever, I was even a guest on her podcast. We taped it in her kitchen!”





Please Welcome NYC’s Sixth Ranked Drag Queen… Linda Simpson!

Can you believe it? The new issue of Time Out New York magazine features a list of “NYC’s Top Ten Drag Queens”—and I’m included at number six! Along with a goofy picture!


Linda Simpson drag queen New York


Of course, I’m flattered… but me?

Well, the list is comprised mostly of oldsters who’ve endured the test of time—Lady Bunny, Joey Arias, Sherry Vine, Lypsinka, Charles Busch and me have a combined age of 1,538 years. (I didn’t even know that Lypsinka was still alive!) I guess I we all get points for still carrying on.

(Of the other gals, Shequida and Bianca Del Rio are moderately middle aged, and Bob the Drag Queen and Horrorchata represent the new generation.)

Honestly, I’m not sure if I deserve the honor. There are a lot of high-profile queens these days. But in the meanwhile, I humbly accept my sixth-place position. I gotta get a T-shirt printed that says “I’m #6″.


win me


Linda Simpson drag queen New York top ten


NYC Celebrity
Drag Queen

"The thinking woman's drag queen."
—Paper Magazine
"A wordly wit."
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One of NYC's Top Ten Drag Queens.
—Time Out New York

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