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Purple and Happy in Los Angeles

I had such a fantastic time on my recent trip to Southern California.

For my wardrobe, I opted for bright and colorful. Very TV-studio! (And made by my friend Lola!)


In front of LA's downtown skyline.

In front of LA’s downtown skyline.


Presenting "The Drag Explosion." (Photo by Duane Paul)

Presenting “The Drag Explosion.” (Photo by Duane Paul)


More pix to come!



California, Here I Come!

I’m so excited to be going to Los Angeles!

On Friday, April 3rd, at 7:30pm, at the West Hollywood Council Chambers, I’m going to be presenting my slideshow extravaganza The Drag Explosion, featuring photos I took of NYC’s momentous drag scene of the late 1980s and early ‘90s. It’s an informational and entertaining her-story lesson, narrated by moi!


Me in La La Land way back in 1995!

Me in La La Land way back in 1995!


The event is part of an exhibit organized by the Museum of Transgender Hirstory & Art (MOTHA) at the ONE Archives. Co-sponsoring the event is the queer experimental screening series Dirty Looks. This will be my first time presenting the slideshow outside of NYC.

All the info is HERE!  



Pass the Catch-Up!

Time to get caught up with the exciting life of NYC drag queen Linda Simpson! That’s me!

*Of all my recent social outings, the one that I enjoyed most was a concert by drag performer Joey Arias—at Lincoln Center, baby! (Thanks for the ticket, Richard.) The occasion was the 100th-anniversary of the birth of songstress Billie Holiday, who Joey has been soulfully paying tribute to for years. In between songs was a chance for Joey to converse with the crowd and show off her own trademark naughty humor (toned down for the uptown digs.) The New York Times gave her a rave review!

Joey signing CDs after her triumphant show!

Joey signing CDs after her triumphant show!


*Along with other fans of the incredible cult 1976 documentary Grey Gardens, I was saddened to learn earlier this month about the death of the film’s co-director Albert Maysles. In 2009, I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Maysles when I hosted a GG festival (in Harlem, at the Maysles Cinema, which he founded as a place dedicated to screening documentaries). He was very charming!

With Albert Maysles.

With Albert Maysles.


*I’m also saddened that my favorite old-school Midtown discount store, Bag Man, on 34th Street, has closed forever—after 37 years. Boo-hoo! I must have bought a zillion Bingo prizes there.


Closing days at Bag Man, the last of its kind on 34th Street.

Manhattan used to be dotted with all sorts of stores like Bag Man, crammed with cheap merchandise. At Bag Man, the top floor was dedicated to all sorts of crazy patterned linens and towels; the basement was for shoes and slutty-looking women’s sportswear; and the main floor was a hodgepodge of decorative items, lingerie, NYC souvenirs, electronics… The joy of shopping there was that you never knew what you were going to find.

Over the sound system, there was a constant recording in English and Spanish by one of owners—”Everything must go now!” Most of the cashiers were pretty gruff, although they would cheer up as they sang along to their favorite salsa songs. Damn, I’ll miss that place…


The basement stripped bare.


*Speaking of Bingo prizes… I’ve launched a new ad campaign, with images by Cat Feral Photography. It’s in conjunction with my Bingo biz expansion. Starting March 20th, I’ll be hosting Le Bingo at Le Poisson Rouge on both Fridays and Saturdays. Wowie-zowie! Please come play with me!







It’s your turn to win!



Booby Trap!

On Saturday, Feb 21st, I’m a guest host at the weekly gay bash “Pretty Ugly.”

It’s at Diamond Horseshoe, a nightclub that dates back to the 1920s and is located in the basement of the Paramount Hotel. Very impressive space! The bartending staff is gorgeous—buff acrobats from the inter-active play Queen of the Night, which takes place before the party. The DJs include my buddy Tommy Hottpants.

I’ll be arriving from my earlier gig at Le Bingo… so it’s gonna be a long night. But I am looking forward to partying with YOU!


invite new



January Photographic Memories

Been a busy month…


READING! I can read, I is smart.



GINGER POWER! Like my new red ‘do?



SURVIVING! Not gonna let a little snowstorm get in my way!


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