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A Drag Queen Like Nun Other

This year’s Halloween was a spiritual adventure.



Can you see my nunderwear?



Nun and monster bond in Times Square.



Let’s explore the catacombs!



Sister Act! With Amber Alert!


It’s so much fun being a virgin!




It took me forever to join Instagram, and I’m still getting into the swing of things. For now, you can see my occasional pix at Instagram/LindaSimpson.




From my Instagram account: Me and burlesque babe Boo Boo Darlin' at Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club.

From my Instagram account: Me and burlesque babe Boo Boo Darlin’ at Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club.



September So Far…

It might seem like a contradiction, but for the first part of September, I’ve been very social and introspective at the same time. Remember when I seemed so engrossed in your witty cocktail chatter? I was actually deep in thought about myself. (Sorry.)

As usual, I’ve been hosting Bingo. It’s my regular showbiz gig, every Wednesday and Saturday. PLUS, I’m adding a Tuesday night to my schedule at a brand-new venue, The Lodge Club, in Greenwich Village. It starts on September 16th, and I’d love for you to join the fun!

As I call numbers and give away prizes, I ponder how lucky I am to have a pay-the-rent job that I really like. Down the road, I plan on cutting back on my full-time Bingo schedule and devoting more of my time to writing and other creative projects. But for now, my Bingo ways serve me well. Enjoy me while you still can!



Decision Time! Keep the puppy-dog pillow prize or trade it for what’s in spokesmodel Sylvia London’s Mystery Bag? Photo from Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club by Mark Kanter.



For the second year in a row, I schlepped out to the annual drag fest Bushwig (It’s in Bushwick, get it?) But this time I was a host, sharing responsibilities with Ms. Mary Boom (who is a nut).

Is the event a polished showcase of the finest in female impersonation? No, it’s a hot tranny mess—and that’s what makes it a hoot! The neighborhood is gritty, and so are the acts.

The location is the vast performance space Secret Project Robot, which includes a walled courtyard. It’s very Mad Max, complete with an outdoor bar!



Mary and I brightly lit in the back of a cab.


Linda Simpson drag queen Bushwig

Matching lipstick



Bushwig co-organizer Horrorchata on stage, in front of the courtyard. Notice the gravel—Not good for heels!



Bushwig is both a day and night event. Here I am hanging out after dark with Maureen, Taylor, The Old Witch and P.J. (Yes, I called her an old witch, that’s her name!)



The day after Bushwig, it was time for me to present the latest version of my slideshow extravaganza, The Drag Explosion DELUXE.  The Wild Project turned out to be a perfect location, including comfy seats.



This just in—I’m coming back to the Wild Project in November! Photo by Julian Fleisher.



From “The Drag Explosion” – Pretty gals at Wigstock 1991 in Union Square. It was the Bushwig of it’s time!


I dedicated my latest slideshow to my friend Kathleen, who had died the week before. We've been friends since we met at the Pyramid Club circa 1990. Introspection time... I miss her a lot.

I dedicated my latest slideshow to my friend Kathleen, who had died a week earlier. Our friendship dates back to the Pyramid Club circa 1990. Introspection time… I miss her a lot.


What will the rest of September hold for me?  Will I finally start listening to other people? We shall see!



Wigstock, I Remember

If Wigstock was still on Labor Day, there would be a lot of soggy wigs today. It’s raining in NYC.

But the outdoor drag festival hasn’t occurred in years, which is rather a shame. No matter what the weather, it was always a hoot.

Personally, I was never a great Wigstock act. Well, maybe one or two years I was a success. I mostly just liked hanging out with everyone.

I guess that’s the kind of drag queen I am—sociable and easy to please!

Behold a few Wigstock memories:



I took this photo at the very first Wigstock I attended in 1986 (It was founded the previous year).  Lady Bunny, looking quite different than her current incarnation, hosted in the crumbling bandshell of Tompkins Square Park.



I can’t remember off-hand what year this was… It was the early 1990s. Posing for me are Miss Understood and Coco.


Linda Simpson wigstock drag explosion drag queen

This was Wigstock ’94, the first year it moved to the West Side piers. I’m happy because my performance had gone really well. Also, I had just smoked a joint!


Darling, it’s drag her-story!



The Whole She-Bang!

Coming up soon.. on Monday, September 8th… The most comprehensive version yet of my slideshow extravaganza of NYC’s drag scene from the late 1980s to the mid ’90s. It’s the chance to see Parts One and Two of The Drag Explosion edited together, along with never-seen-before pix!


Drag Explosion Linda Simpson invite


It’s at The Wild Project, the slick performance space in the East Village. I like it because it reminds me of a television studio. Perfect setting for a multi-media show!


NYC Celebrity
Drag Queen

"The thinking woman's drag queen."
—Paper Magazine
"A wordly wit."
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One of NYC's Top Ten Drag Queens.
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