Linda Simpson and Shaquanda Coca Mulatta

Don’t Be Fooled! These Pix Are from the Night AFTER New Year’s Eve!

True to my word, I stayed in on New Year’s Eve.  But on 1/1/11 I was compelled to go out—I was hosting Le Bingo.

What to wear, what to wear?  I decided on party-girl attire, as if I was celebrating, uh, New Year’s Eve!   People probably thought I was still going strong on a bender.

Le Bingo turned out to be quite lively, and afterward I hit the town with spokesmodel Shaquanda Coca Mulatta.

Dancefloor sandwich: Zuhair, Shaquanda and Elliott

Me with Princess Brittany at Woody's

The night ended very late at the Cock. On the bar with bartender Mark.

So much for a head start on 2011!  Oh well, after spending most of today recovering, I’m pumped for a productive tomorrow!

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