How I Spent My VD Weekend

Mother Flawless Sabrina, age 73, was top bitch on Friday at NYC’s LGBT Center.

The premiere of multi-media artist Zackary Drucker‘s celebratory short film At Least You Know You Exist, in which she explores her relationship with her “grandma” Flawless, was followed by a screening of the fascinating time-capsule documentary The Queen, about a 1967 DQ pageant with Flawless at the helm.

The Center, dysfunctional as always, provided a dinky screen and a bumbling tech crew.  Oh well, the DIY circumstances were kind of artsy.


The next night I hung out with Shaquanda Coca Mulatta, who took me to a house party in Chelsea packed with gay Egyptians celebrating the dawning of a new era for their homeland!  Such great energy!  No pix from the bash, but she and I did get a sappy VD portrait during the course of the night.


On Sunday, I hosted a benefit for the activist group Queer Rising.  The highlight for me was a rousing performance by the band Transgendered Jesus, fronted by captivating Anne Hanavan.  Rock on!

Then it was off to Don Hill’s for a performance by Goon Squad.  Their novelty look—faces completely obscured by wigs—is a hoot and their music is good!  (Miss Guy from the Toilet Boys is the lead singer.)

And who should I run into but my pal Sultana, another Egyptian ecstatic about Mubarak’s departure.  How cute, we were both in red for Valentine’s Day weekend.  (Yes, I wore the same dress two nights in a row!)

An entire weekend of love, love, love for my fellow homosapiens!

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