Back in the Day! Times Square Photo Essay With Mr. Fashion

I’m showing my age by posting these old photos of Times Square, but fantastic and feisty Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York requested that I do so after I sent over a couple of them taken outside the Gaiety Theater, which Jeremiah recently posted about.

The photos are from 1988 and feature the late great Mr. Fashion (a.k.a. Gerard Little), who was part of the kooky Pyramid Club performance scene.

Times Square at the time was definitely rough around the edges, but it was also very campy with its wild mix of seedy porn theaters, tacky clothing and souvenir stores and old-school bars and eateries.  With Mr. Fashion decked out in his leopard-trim best, we found tons of great backdrops.  He posed, I shot.






















2 thoughts on “Back in the Day! Times Square Photo Essay With Mr. Fashion”

  1. these photos are just the best. he was such an unique inspiration. to me heaven is koch era times square…. i’m sure he is in a leopard trimmed catsuit walking through it right now.

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