You know how when you’re sick, sad news is even more depressing?

I’m still combating my cold, and to find out that adorable Davy Jones of the Monkees has died seems devastating.

The Monkees were such a great pop band.  Even though they were a manufactured act brought together for a television show, they produced some fantastic music.  And the TV show was a blast—very pop art and groovy.

Mike, Davy, Peter and Micky


Goddamn, I can’t believe my youthful idols are kicking the bucket.  I really am getting old.

I gotta get healthy and back on my feet to enjoy my few remaining years!

Thank you Mr. Davy Jones for providing so much wonderful entertainment.


Which members of the male species did I spy this week?


Dominick was a study in white after his multi-media performance at Dixon Place.


I ran into friendly fashion designer and Bravo TV star Chris March as he was hailing a cab on Ninth Avenue.


Vito, winner of's 2012 New York Escort of the Year Award, which was held at the new gay nightclub XL. Congratulations, stud!


I spent a frustrating amount of time yesterday waiting in an online queue to buy tickets to see Kraftwerk perform at the Museum of Modern Art.  Apparently the demand was so great that the ticketing service was overwhelmed, and now the company’s CEO has apologized for the mess.

Even though Kraftwerk is performing eight nights in a row—each devoted to a different album—the event was bound to be elitist.  MoMA doesn’t hold that many people and some tickets are surely being put aside for benefactors.  

Last time the band performed in NYC was at the Hammerstein Ballroom, which can accommodate thousands of people.  I was there!

Kraftwerk is probably my favorite band of all time.  I never, ever, ever get tired of listening to their music.