Black Day, Golden Night

I spent yesterday afternoon at Roseland Ballroom, checking out the wares at the sex-themed Black Party Expo.  (Thanks for the invite, Bill!)

But I skipped the infamous Black Party itself.  (In fact, I’ve never attended.  Someday I’ll go… Maybe.)

Instead, I hosted the annual “We Love The Golden Girls” party at Stonewall Bar.  This was my third year, and it turned out to be my favorite, with lots of great acts and an enthused crowd.

Black leather and granny realness.  It was a versatile day.

EXPO Fresh from their recent sex scene for Cockyboys, it's porn star Kennedy Carter and his boyfriend Ivan.
GOLDEN GIRLS Lauren and Sharyn, the party's promoters, opted for Sophia and Dorothy looks.
GOLDEN GIRLS My mature look (Not so difficult to give these days!) and Angela Di Carlo channeling Sophia Petrillo.
EXPO Loved his modern fetish look!
GOLDEN GIRLS Amber Martin as Blanche peeks over the absolutely nutty singing duo Fantasy Grandma.
EXPO Porn superstar Colton Ford, who's pursing a musical career nowadays.
GOLDEN GIRLS Chic Nath-Ann served as DJ.
EXPO Ready and able to administer a firm massage.
GOLDEN GIRLS Angela Di Carlo, Shane Shane, Adam Feldman and Amber Martin squeezed into the Stonewall's dinky dressing room.
EXPO Tall bartender in a mini harness.
Sexed-up Varsity Interpretive Dance Squad (VIDS). They could have been at either event!


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