At the Cinema

Lincoln Center was the scene of this year’s New Fest, NYC’s annual queer movie-a-thon.

Saturday’s late-night offering was Jobriath A.D, a documentary about the rise and fall of a gay rock star named Jobriath in the 1970s.



It’s a cautionary tale: Jobriath was so so massively over-hyped and manipulated by his record company (before he even released an album) that he was bound to be a disappointment.

Being gay, gay, gay made it pretty tough for him, too.


2 thoughts on “At the Cinema”

  1. LOVE your look in that pic! Everything is PERFECT! Gorg!

    I can’t wait to get this movie on DVD.
    I bought the first Jobriath album when it came out (having read all about him in Rock Scene Magazine). I was 16 at the time (yasss, child, I is O-L-D). He was a major influence on this poor, rural, Southern, trailertrash queen. I used it to school to play, along with Alice Cooper, Slade, and the New York Dolls (they went over about as well as Jobriath).

    Hope you had a good time, hon.

  2. Rock Scene Magazine! Best publication ever!
    I think that’s how I learned about Jobriath also, although I never heard his music back then.
    Would have loved to seen your classmates react to your glitter starz!!!!!

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