How to Stop Hate Rhetoric? Unleash the Drag Queens!

Inflammatory rhetoric that tears at the fabric of our great nation has infested our news, Congress and even the streets of New York!  What’s a gal to do?

Lady Bunny steals the show in this 2004 video (by Bernhard Blythe) of her, me and Miss Understood ridiculously disrupting a group of Black Israelites preaching in Times Square against “devil gays.”  (We were coming from a protest against the Republican Convention, thus our signs.)

I was laughing so hard at Bunny’s hilarity that all I could do was bounce around like a fool!


The gathered crowd cheered us on as we vanquished our venomous foes!

Damn, that felt good!

4 thoughts on “How to Stop Hate Rhetoric? Unleash the Drag Queens!”

  1. Good job, Linda! And it looks like you even managed to seduce a hot policeman!!! Of course, who could resist?

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