Behind The Scenes Pix of RuPaul’s 1993 Xmas TV Special!

Taping for RuPaul’s Christmas Ball took place in October 1993 at a sound-stage on West 57th Street.  Working during the daytime was pretty foreign to me back then, but I had a blast acting in the skits and hanging out with my fellow “Downtown Drag Time Players.”  It was a lot of work!  I remember admiring RuPaul’s stamina.


Sherry Vine holding the cast list. Poor thing looks sleepy.


On the left is fashionista Lauren Ezersky who was pissed that most of her scenes got cut. With her is Flloyd, Billy Beyond, Sister Dimension and started Susan.


From left: Tabboo!, Laura Kightlinger (at the beginning of her comedy career), Keith "Sherry Vine" Levy, Flloyd, and hairdresser Michael Anthony. Lots of coffee and cigs!


Tabboo! and I practice our boob tube moves.


Back to the Green Room! It's Billy with guest star Fred Schneider of the B52s!


In between Lauren and Laura is Michael West, who had us all howling with his twisted Liza Minnelli impersonation.


World of Wonder producers Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey fulfill their fantasy of strangling an elf (me!).


Open shutter, tell a joke. Homage to "Laugh-In!"


My view from below.


The final filming was RuPaul's version of "Little Drummer Boy." Billy served as the wee lad.


It's the star of the show with some guy out of drag! Thanks for the holiday memories, RuPaul!


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