Time For More Evolving

Yay! President Obama has endorsed gay marriage!

But, uh-oh, according to polls, the majority of Afro-Americans disagree with Mr. O. because of their Christian beliefs.

So now the media is pitting blacks against gays—which is ridiculous.  First of all, there are lots of people who fall into both categories!



But regarding those black people who adamantly cite the Bible—and I realize this is a touchy subject—I’m always baffled by their gung-ho endorsement of Christianity in the first place.  Why exalt the religion of your historic oppressor?  An oppressor that justified slavery with Old Testament verses—and whose image of Jesus was white as snow!  (Can you tell I’m not down with religion?)

Oppressed people embracing the tools of the oppressor… How strange.

But wait a minute!  Aren’t gay people doing the same kind of thing?  After years of being victimized by straight people, gays now desire the holy grail of heterosexuality—marriage—which queer radicals decry as just as out-dated and enslaving as religion!



Two creaky old sacred institutions—religion and marriage.

Of course, the difference is that no one is denying religion to anyone.  And shouldn’t everyone have the right to choose whatever creaky old institution they want?


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