In a remarkable coincidence at last night’s Monday Night Bingo, both me and spokesmodel World Famous Bob showed up sporting leopard-skin ensembles!


Meow, Meow!


My caftan is brand new, designed by my friend Lola.  It’s so comfy I’m going to wear it again tonight when I host “Drag Bingo” at XL Nightclub.  (We’ll also be debuting Steven Hammel’s great new sign!)


Jungle Fever!


Jam-packed night earlier this week…

First on the agenda was a roast of Lady Bunny for her 50th birthday(!) at “Hot Mess,” the weekly drag revue starring her and a mess of other queens at XL nightclub.


Birthday gal backstage with sister kook Sugga Pie Koko.


Along with the other “roasters,” I took my place on stage as we waited our turn to throw daggers at Bunny.  (Figuratively speaking, of course!  Although real weapons would have been fun… )


Gossip columnist Michael Musto, actor David Ilku, and a quartet of queens—me, Flotilla De Barge, Miss Guy and Sherry Vine.  (Photo by WilsonModels.)


I must say that my routine went over pretty well, although I can’t tell if Bunny is laughing or snoring in the photo below.  (Hostess Bianca Del Rio is obviously in awe of a true talent!)


“A 500-pound drag queen walks into a bar…”  (Photo by WilsonModels.)


From there I dashed to Santos Party House in Tribeca to host a show by Chez Deep, a recently formed house of avant-garde queens.


BACK ROW: Sam, Hari.  FRONT ROW: Raul, Colin, Alexis, Bailey, Lain


The show was a magical gender-fuck delight—very organic and flowing—and such a contrast to “Hot Mess,” which opened with a Broadway-like number of precision dance moves and high-kicks.

The entire night reminded me that Drag covers such an incredibly wide spectrum of sensibilities—from sharp-tongued bitches in bouffants to gentle flowers exploring their feminine side.

And where do I fit in?  Everywhere—I’m versatile!


In 2003 I interviewed recently departed legendary editor Helen Gurley Brown at her Cosmopolitan office for Time Out magazine.  The impetus was the reissue of her 1962 bombshell bestseller Sex and the Single Girl, although we talked about all sorts of stuff.



At 81-years old, she was very lively and charming as she explained her sex-and-independence life doctrine, which she regarded as vitally feminist.

“I don’t see what people have against sex,” she said. “I have always said sex is one of the three most pleasurable things we have—and I’m not sure what the other two are.”

She was such a great role model—an extremely accomplished women who helped liberate and change the cultural landscape.  It was so wonderful to find out she was funny and gracious, too!