As I write this, my friend Steven is repainting my pad. It’s time for a change as I approach a big anniversary of living at my current address. Next month marks ten years!

My yellow-beige walls served me well, but it’s on to another color scheme.

A few memories…


Me reading a book.


Danny and Natasha helping celebrate the new year.


Brandon Olson paying a visit.


I’ll reveal the new look soon!


“Please welcome very special guest Bruce Jenner,” said RuPaul.
Bruce smiled bright from the judges’ table, then fixed his eyes on the runway. This week’s challenge was “Bikini Madness.”
Pearl came out first. “Your thong looks ass-tatstic,” bellowed Michelle Visage.
Damn right, thought Bruce. Underneath the table, he slid open the slit of his maxi dress and began fondling himself.
Next contestant was Violet Chachki, her perky butt cheeks also completely exposed.
Bruce couldn’t take it anymore.“Ahhhh,” he moaned loudly as he orgasmed.
“I’ll have what he’s having,” quipped RuPaul, and everyone giggled…

“I enjoy being a girl,” sang Bruce as he admired his new manicure.
Slam! The bedroom door flew open. It was Kris. She was livid, clutching the latest issue of “Paparazzi Weekly.” She flung the tabloid at him.
On the cover were two photos—him strolling the beach in a silky robe, and her jogging without makeup. “Sexy Bruce Outshines Dumpy Kris” screamed the headline.
“Satisfied, hubby?,” she snarled. With both hands she tightly squeezed Bruce’s tits. As he struggled to break free, she grabbed his cock.
“I’ve got one thing you still don’t,” she yelled. “Do you miss my big cunt?”
Bruce could feel himself getting hard. “Yes,” he gasped. “Let me lick my mommy…”

What’s on my mind lately? The following:


*The Instagram account, “Rich Kids of Tehran.” 

These wealthy brats make the cast of The Shahs of Sunset look tame, and definitely shatter the image of bleak Iran (and a lot of the guys are dreamy!)



*Speaking of hot… Actor Louis Garrel is bewitching in Saint Laurent, the latest flick about YSL. Garrel portrays Jacques de Bascher, who, in the 1970s, was the  lover of both Saint Laurent and his rival Karl Lagerfeld—at the same time. So French! (Too bad the film is kind of a mess.)



*My fave dress at the recent Met Gala hullabaloo was worn by model Joan Smalls at one of the many after-parties. She looks hot, too!



Sexy people rule the world.


British pop singer FKA Twigs (and love interest of actor Robert Pattison) caused a buzz on the red carpet earlier this week at the Met Gala, wearing a dress that included a cartoon penis.

But what struck me is that the cartoon arm on the dress resembles our stage backdrop (by artist Alexander Kaletski.)

285       ase

Hopefully, Ms. Twigs will wear the dress soon to Le Bingo!