My friend Sylvia London recently sent me a photo from a few years back of us at the MIX queer film festival, which always features incredible art installations as part of the annual event. (The next gathering has been postponed from this month to February.)




It reminds me of the faraway planet landscapes of the old Star Trek TV series…





This past weekend there was a marathon of the show on BBC.¬† Definitely one of my fave programs of all time. Love the campy sets & costumes and the message of peace, tolerance and respect for all creatures!


Los Angeles drag queen Jackie Beat has never been shy about sharing her opinions. Her tell-it-like-it-is comedy, including her hilarious song parodies, has made her one of the drag scene’s most in-demand acts.

Ms. Beat
Ms. Beat

But ticket sales be damned, Jackie doesn’t want you attending her shows if you’re a Trump supporter. Behold her recent Twitter feed:


I have a feeling that the great majority of Jackie’s fans didn’t vote for Trump. So her bold stance probably isn’t that risky.¬† But in case you were thinking of inviting your Republican uncle to her next show, you might want to reconsider.


I was so busy socializing at my birthday party at the Cock on Thursday that I only got to take a few pix. Must hire a photographer next time!

It’s funny, the Cock seems so dark and dim when you’re there, but the camera flash reveals¬† that it’s actually quite colorful thanks to the brilliant vintage-gay murals by artist Scott Ewalt.

Me with Brad and Ayka.


Marcus’ sweater goes perfectly with the decor!


I don’t think Scott has a website, but there is a great interview with him here.

He also does the invites for promoter Ladyfag’s monthly “Holy Mountain” party. I still haven’t attended, but I adore the visuals!