Who’s the hot model of the Paris runway shows?  Stunning Andrej Pejic, who is 100% male, but looks fab in female attire.

Walking the runway for Gaultier.

Gorgeous girly-boys are always a thrill to behold, and throughout the years I’ve had the pleasure of coming into contact with quite a few.  No hormones or surgical enhancements necessary—Just add makeup and, viola, they transform gender.

One example: Multimedia artist Zackary Drucker, whose work often explores masculine-feminine dynamics.

Recent profile in Interview Magazine.
I shot this photo of her in L.A.
In NYC, with Joey, Van and myself.

On February 11th, at NYC’s LGBT Center, Drucker is showing new work, a film featuring muse Mother Flawless Sabrina.  Can’t wait to see it!

Muse and artist.

Flawless ain’t on hormones either!

Narcissister can do no wrong.  Each time I’ve seen the avant-garde burlesque performance artist, I’ve been amazed at her bizzaro, thought-provoking and sexy acts.  (Some of which are on display at her website).

On February 13th, we’re both involved with “Lovin’ Out Loud,” a benefit variety show for the activist group Queer Rising.  I’ll be hosting, but I’m not sure if she and I are sharing the stage as she’s providing a video installation.  Whatever the case, I can’t wait to see what she’s got up her sleeve!

The bitch ain’t just clever, she’s got a cute boyfriend, too!  His name is Exceed.

In costume...
... And out.

Broadway producers aren’t the only ones who’ve had to cope with Spiderman mishaps.  So have I!

Back when I was shooting with film, I once ended up with a batch of double-exposures that morphed two events—a birthday bash for myself and a Halloween party where my friend Felix dressed as Spiderman.

Aren’t they trippy?  I love them!

Spiderman, Spiderman…

Does whatever a spider can…

Spins a web, any size…

Catches thieves, just like flies!

I’m in the silver mask—for Halloween, not my birthday!

Naturally my first choice for a website domain name was LindaSimpson.com.

But to my utter consternation, some hussy had already claimed it.

Linda “Com” Simpson sells property in rural Pennsylvania.  “I know real estate, love dogs and wine,” she brags on her home page.

She’s also an expert at cyber stealing from deserving drag queens!

But, really, how can I stay mad at another Linda Simpson?  I forgive her, she is my sister.

Besides, I actually prefer “org.”  Has a nice sexy ring.

Org forever!

Took a stroll last night in the freezing night air to the gay bar Ritz (with Isaac and Matt, after cocktails at my house).

The weekly headliner is Bianca Del Rio, who I’d weirdly never seen perform live before.  Even though she’s lived in NYC for several years.

I think the show that we saw was a contest—It was pretty loosely formatted.  Mostly it was just an opportunity for Bianca to unleash her trademark insult humor.  Audience members got trampled and burned!

I must say I was quite impressed.  Most queens would have had to throw in a song or two to keep things lively, but Bianca’s nonstop volley of trash talk was enough entertainment in itself.

And her makeup…  Good for a few laughs, too!