The Night I Snapped Elizabeth Taylor’s Photo (and Liza’s, Too)

I’m gonna give away my age if I don’t stop posting all my old photos!  But a tribute to dearly departed Elizabeth Taylor is worth the risk.

I shot her paparazzi-style many years ago at the Hilton Hotel as she a slew of other celebrities strode into a party after filming a television special at nearby Radio City.

My star-gazing friend Helen and I arrived early to the hotel, and in a bold impromptu move we hid out in an empty conference room next to where the party guests would be checking their coats!  Sneaky, sneaky!

Once they began pouring in, we emerged and found ourselves in a celebrity fantasy land.  Look at some of the famous ladies I snapped!

Liza Minnelli and former husband Mark Gero.
Linda Evans of "Dynasty."
Lena Horne
Penny Marshall of "Laverne & Shirley"
Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco


I also snapped pix of tons of male stars, including Paul Newman, Robin Williams, Christopher Reeves and Sean Connery.

But my greatest photo of all was of Liz.


So glamorous!


Gone but never forgotten!  R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor.

5 thoughts on “The Night I Snapped Elizabeth Taylor’s Photo (and Liza’s, Too)”

  1. Penny Marshall (of Laverne and Shirley) looks exactly like the Andy Warhol painting “Nose Job”

  2. Liz Taylor was a Idol, heroine, godess,and artist. She was born and died the same year as my Mother. Suggest seeing ” X Y & Z” did’nt Suzannah York just die too. Feel so empty without them.

    Linda, your photos are fabulous and you are right, the Liz shot is really to GAG! Diamonds and Furs and beat for our nerves!
    Now, why are you teasing us with the mentioning of the men? I want to see Paul Newman!
    Linda Is Legend
    R.I.P LIZ

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