While the Wealthy Partygoers Mingle…

When you’re hired help at a party it’s tacky to whip out a camera and start snapping photos.

So when I got a job earlier this week hosting an upper-crust birthday bash (Thanks Garrin and Viva for the gig!), I politely confined my picture taking to backstage of my fellow entertainers.


With cohost Sherry Vine. The theme was Weimar, but my headgear makes me look like an accident victim!

Just another simple look from Darrell of the Pixie Harlots.


Dirty Martini looking lovely, with freshly-scrubbed armpits!


Flossing floozies—Pixie Harlots Johnny and Machine Dazzle.


Julie Atlas Muz prepares for her giant-ballon act. Pop art!


The secret life of entertainers!

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