Guess who showed up at Rapture, the mammoth lesbian Pride party I hosted this past weekend…

Alex McCord and hubby Simon Van Kempen from The Housewives of New York!

I found them perfectly delightful—down-to-earth, jokey and very happy to be at the event.

After my introduction, they gave a rousing short speech for gay rights and led a toast celebrating New York’s new same-sex marriage law.

The brunette, the redhead and the blond.


With nautical go-go girls Stormy Leather, Bianca Dagga and Evelyn Vinyl.


Simon opted not to perform his new dance song, “I Am Real,” which was probably a good idea…  It’s kind of an acquired taste.


Some actors prefer to retire to their dressing rooms after a vigorous performance.

Not me!  I like mixing and mingling—and posing like a cardboard cut-out figure with dear audience members! 

My new play, The Emperor’s New Codpiece, continues through July 15.


With gossip gadfly Michael Musto and Christian.


With April and photographer Adam Gardiner.


With director Tim Cusack and castmate Buenaventura Rodriguez.


With Stuart, underground film director Bruce LaBruce, journalist Glenn Belvario and boob-watcher Billy Miller (who also publishes "Straight To Hell" magazine).


Patti, who I know from hosting Bingo, brought her whole family. So sweet!


With Ian, Buddy and Matt.


With Flloyd and Angelo.


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Hairy or not hairy?

Not hairy, commanded Tim Cusack, director of my new play, The Emperor’s New Codpiece, which had its smash opening on Friday (more coverage to come)!

And so Buenaventura Rodriguez, who plays Emperor, ruling go-go boy in all the land, bought a tube of Veet—for “smoothness that lasts.”

Stage manager Crystal Ramirez did a good job of shaving, yes?






Thanks Veet! (Wanna sponsor our show?)


Five more shows left—June 17, 24 and July 1, 8, 15.

Online reservations.

Box Office: 212-353-3101

Busy getting ready for my new play, The Emperor’s New Codpiece!

We open tomorrow!

No time to write, but instead I offer these great promo shots!


Emperor (Buenaventura Rodriguez) and Guinevere (Michelle Ojeda) serve up attitude to Melinda (that's me!).
Skin sells!
This scenario doesn't exactly occur, but I do trick Guinevere into swallowing something!


Camelot (Nicholas Gorham) has an admirer—peasant girl Hildegard (Patrick Johnson).


Top three pix by Adam Gardiner; bottom photo by Michael Wakefield