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My latest theatrical endeavor, The Emperor’s New Codpiece (set a gay Medieval nightclub) has come to a close.

After a fantastic six-week run, I’m definitely ready to tackle other stuff in my life.  But boy, oh boy, am I going to miss my cast mates.

We all got along fabulously—on and off-stage.


BUENAVENTURA RODRIGUEZ as mighty go-go dancer Emperor. "Give me a coin, you can touch my groin."


PATRICK JOHNSON as ambitious peasant girl Hildegard. "Oh, how I dost long verily to perform."


MICHELLE OJEDA as comely maiden Guinevere. "My feet be swift and dance with skill and glee."


NICHOLAS GORHAM as monastery student and go-go dancer Camelot. "For religious life, tis much I sacrifice."


I can’t wait to see them all again!  A reunion party soon is a must!

(Photos by J.P. Pullos)

Wow, at each performance of my summer play, The Emperor’s New Codpiece (final show is next week!), I’m reminded of how many wonderfully supportive people I have in my life.

It’s such a delight to see so many incredible friends from my past and present…  I truly am a very lucky gal.


With delightfully witty Brian Moylan, who writes for my favorite website, Gawker.


With Ken, Etienne, Catherine and Diego (who costarred in my online photo novella, "Bitches in the Sky").
With Raj Roy, who I've know since he was in charge of MIX, the experimental queer film festival. Now he's a curator at the Museum of Modern Art!


The always dapper illustrator Robert Richards with a fashionable friend.


Madcap artist Peter Cramer is always up for fun!


With celebrity stylist Patricia Field and dynamic drag queen Sultana.


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Some actors prefer to retire to their dressing rooms after a vigorous performance.

Not me!  I like mixing and mingling—and posing like a cardboard cut-out figure with dear audience members! 

My new play, The Emperor’s New Codpiece, continues through July 15.


With gossip gadfly Michael Musto and Christian.


With April and photographer Adam Gardiner.


With director Tim Cusack and castmate Buenaventura Rodriguez.


With Stuart, underground film director Bruce LaBruce, journalist Glenn Belvario and boob-watcher Billy Miller (who also publishes "Straight To Hell" magazine).


Patti, who I know from hosting Bingo, brought her whole family. So sweet!


With Ian, Buddy and Matt.


With Flloyd and Angelo.


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