Where was I for the final episode of this season’s RuPaul’s Drag Race?

At a mobbed gala party at Providence nightclub, featuring most of the contestants and a live telecast.  (Thanks for the invite, Thairin!)

My goal was to get tons of pix.  Alas, I arrived late (after my Bingo gig) and only snapped a few.


Had to wait in line to get in, but I had fun waiting with them!


Super sexy bartender. I'll have an Absolut, please!


Made some new friends.


OMG, is that RuPaul? Nope, it's veteran queen Flotilla DeBarge.


I ran into a contestant from season one—pretty Rebecca Glasscock.


On my way out I finally found a current contestant—large and lovely Stacy Layne Matthews.


No pix of Alexis, Manila, Shangela and winner Raja, although I did get to see them all perform for the adoring crowd.

For next year’s bash, I must arrive on time!


P.S.  Next season is already in the works.  If you’re interested in competing…




Just another night in NYC—hosting a bash for a lesbian porn company—in Marie Antoinette drag!

The “French Kiss Fête,” held at a Soho loft, was sponsored by Juicy Pink Box, maker of “real lesbian sex captured in full cinematic luster.”

At the company’s helm is dynamic Jincey Lumpkin (love her name!), who made an entrance fit for a queen.


Dressed and ready to go. (Miss Understood loaned me the outfit, Isaac of Wigbar styled my wig.)


My throne, my attendants, my fantasy!


Jincey's royal outfit was to die for! Reality TV star Laverne Cox opted for sexy leopard skin.


Leading the way for Jincey's grand arrival was twirling masked dance troupe Vogue Evolution.


There was something for everybody, including hunky bartenders.


Pretty maidens.


Jincey's partner and Pink Juicy Box's Mel, who hired me!


Move over, Carrie Bradshaw!


I can’t wait to see Beautiful Darling, the new documentary about Candy Darling, which is getting great reviews.



In case ya don’t know, Candy was one of Andy Warhol’s triumvirate of 1960s transgender superstars, along with Jackie Curtis and Holly Woodlawn (the only one still alive).



Old-time Hollywood glamour was Candy’s obsession, and her sense of style was influenced by Jean Harlow, Kim Novak, Marilyn Monroe and other blond screen greats.



Poor thing died very young, at age 29.

Her death-bed portrait by Peter Hujar is quite famous.



Did I give away the film’s ending?


I wanted regular sour cream when I went shopping today!   But because the label is so small on Breakstone’s “Fat Free” Sour Cream, I failed to notice I bought the wrong kind.


Absolutely furious, I wrote a stern and crusading letter to the company’s website.  Seriously!

Now, with a calmer frame of mind, I’m reflecting on my sour ways, and not just my food rant.

In general lately my petty concerns and neuroses are far too prominent, and I’ve been feeling self-centered and emotionally trite.

It’s high time to put things in perspective, don’t sweat the small stuff, release negative thoughts, help others, and not make a big fucking deal about eating blah sour cream.

Time to spend my energy and focus on what’s really important in life.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go eat a baked potato.



I always get a kick out of super-perky lady reporter Damiana Garcia, whose videos appear on the pop-culture website The WOW Report.



A true professional, she’s never at a loss for a probing question or gracious compliment.   At Logo’s recent NewNowNext Awards she pounced upon a steady stream of boob-tube personalities.

Delightfully relentless!  Go, Damiana, go!

When you’re hired help at a party it’s tacky to whip out a camera and start snapping photos.

So when I got a job earlier this week hosting an upper-crust birthday bash (Thanks Garrin and Viva for the gig!), I politely confined my picture taking to backstage of my fellow entertainers.


With cohost Sherry Vine. The theme was Weimar, but my headgear makes me look like an accident victim!

Just another simple look from Darrell of the Pixie Harlots.


Dirty Martini looking lovely, with freshly-scrubbed armpits!


Flossing floozies—Pixie Harlots Johnny and Machine Dazzle.


Julie Atlas Muz prepares for her giant-ballon act. Pop art!


The secret life of entertainers!