(In honor of the sacred Halloween holiday, “Every Night in Drag” is postponed this week.  Updates continue next week.)

I couldn’t wait to start the Halloween festivities.  I’ve already gone out in costume two nights in a row!

Saturday’s snowstorm forced me to resort to an all-weather look.  So I grabbed my old reliable clown outfit with the honking rubber nose.

Occupy Clown Street!


I ended up at Xanadu, the roving dance party, which was held at a Manhattan loft space, up six flights of stairs!  The place was packed with tons of cute guys in all sorts of great get-ups.


The Swimming Pools performed a rousing set, with hostess Sylvia London joining Christophe (left) and Daniel on vocals. (Sylvia was a "man-eater," thus her crusty blood.)


I'm nuts for nun costumes!


Love the Leigh Bowery tribute! (Justin and Cory were grateful to me for helping them get boobs!)


And last night, Halloween Eve, I also opted to cover my face.

Woman of mystery.


I went to Tranny Strip at Evolve on East 58th, which was an absolute blast. For the costume contest I tied for first place with Amy Winehouse (my pal Cathy Valdez)! I won $40! I'm rich!


I celebrated with Jacko!


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More Halloween shenanigans to come!

Up until age 10, you can get away with wearing a cute Halloween costume.

After that, you look really corny.  As an adult, sexy and sinister is where it’s at.  (Listen up all you 11-year-olders!)

Hoods are perfect for achieving a kinky holiday look, and they can be paired with virtually anything, from a business suit to a ballerina tutu.  Behold these fetish-gear masterpieces from Slick it Up.










OMG, it looks like they’re on sale!


“Every Night in Drag” is a historical photo essay by drag queen Linda Simpson documenting a fantastic New York City queendom, from the late 1980s to the mid 1990s. (Posted every Monday and Thursday.)


September 1988 – Wigstock
at Tompkins Square Park



Hapi Phace.



Prices were refreshingly low at Pop Souk, the smash-hit shopping bazaar organized by Ms. Ladyfag this past weekend.

The few pricier items included “Time Tranny,” a rare Swatch Watch from 2000 adorned with a photo by David LaChapelle of his transsexual muse Amanda Lepore.

The seller wanted $300.  I hope he got it because I have the watch, too!



Mine is mint condition with the original packaging.

And as much as I adore Amanda, I’ll sell her in a heart beat!

Any takers?

I’m not sure how Wikipedia chooses images for its drag queen articles, but flattering photos are obviously not a priority.

The article on Wigstock, the famed outdoor drag festival, is accompanied by a "comical" image of founder Lady Bunny and Sherry Vine at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival. How utterly random!


For her article, NYC performer Hedda Lettuce gets a lovely caught-in-mid-sentence shot.


Lucky porn director Chi Chi LaRue is provided with a stark daytime portrait.


Drag legend Divine—unretouched and poorly-cropped.


They couldn't find a photo of Dame Edna looking at the camera?


RuPaul's pix include this out-of-drag gotcha shot.


The evidence is clear: Wikipedia is a threat to the well-being and looks of the drag community!