Theatrical outing last night—Saw The Divine Sister, set in a convent school, written by and starring Charles Busch, who’s got the Midas touch for creating campy spoofs loaded with old-movie references.


Busch, second from left, with cast members.


The play is definitely amusing, but honestly I like my nuns a little more raw.

One my earliest drag influences was Hapi Phace, and it was her provocative nunsense that I first came to know and love.


Hapi and Chris... What's under that habit?


At least he's not molesting a kid!


Ah, Hapi Phace… such a divine sister.


P.S.  My theatre companion last night was performer Angela Di Carlo, who will just strangle me if I don’t mention her next show at Joe’s Pub!


(Photos of Hapi and Chris by Linda Simpson)

One more photo from Night of 1,000 Gowns—a happy shot of the youngest attendee.  How fabulous that he got to dress in royal finery and go to a drag ball!



Reminds me of myself when I was his age, braces and all.  I loved the thrill of donning a costume for Halloween, school plays, church holiday events, etc.

Little did I know that I’d someday make it my profession!


Me and my brother at Halloween. I'm the "hot dog!"

Golly gosh, if my pals back home could see me now, nobnobbin’ with the crème de la crème at the annual Night of 1,000 Gowns.

Held, of all places, at the Times Square Marriot Hotel, the surreal bash inducts the new rulers of the Imperial Court of New York before a crowd of decked-out countesses, duchesses, baronesses, etc. (each with a grandiose title, i.e. Her Royal Highness, Princess Royale Barbie Que), plus all sorts of gayish celebrities.

Colorful new leaders! All hail Emperor Vanity Society and Empress Pepperica Swirl!


Actor Wilson Cruz and writer Michael Musto (with auction items, including an enticing photo of Candis Cayne).


Manila Luzon and Sarah Davenport representing "RuPaul's Drag Race." Falsie alert!


Alexis Mateo, also from "Drag Race,"posed with fans—in jeans!


Porn director Chi Chi LaRue's mini showed off her stunning weight loss.


Performer Marti Cummings hoisted princess-style by activist Dan Choi.


Studly! Painter Tom Woodruff and photographer Aaron Cobbett.


Sylvia London got me my ticket, but she looked so good I had to kill her!


Work, bitch! Dress designed by the Blondes.


Youtube sensation Julie (JuliesMovies) in one of her trademark masks with former empress Philomena.


Can William and Kate’s wedding possibly be as grand?

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One of my current pop-culture obsessions is the cartoon series Family Guy, which I watch in repeats on Netflix as I do my makeup.  (Yes, I’m a late fan!)

The politically-incorrect gay jokes are hilarious.  Often they expose the idiocy of homophobia, other times gay culture is the butt of the joke.  For instance, this subway poster I spotted yesterday of the family guy himself, doofus Peter Griffin.

I love that it’s adorning subway stations!  See you at Splash!

I’m gonna give away my age if I don’t stop posting all my old photos!  But a tribute to dearly departed Elizabeth Taylor is worth the risk.

I shot her paparazzi-style many years ago at the Hilton Hotel as she a slew of other celebrities strode into a party after filming a television special at nearby Radio City.

My star-gazing friend Helen and I arrived early to the hotel, and in a bold impromptu move we hid out in an empty conference room next to where the party guests would be checking their coats!  Sneaky, sneaky!

Once they began pouring in, we emerged and found ourselves in a celebrity fantasy land.  Look at some of the famous ladies I snapped!

Liza Minnelli and former husband Mark Gero.
Linda Evans of "Dynasty."
Lena Horne
Penny Marshall of "Laverne & Shirley"
Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco


I also snapped pix of tons of male stars, including Paul Newman, Robin Williams, Christopher Reeves and Sean Connery.

But my greatest photo of all was of Liz.


So glamorous!


Gone but never forgotten!  R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor.